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Thank You For Considering Of
Fostering a Rescue Dog

Becoming a Foster family

This is one of key part to rescue one dog. Fostering a rescue dog is not an easy and simple work but it is very rewarding at then end seeing the result. We are in needs to find a foster homes in BC and Ontario.


There is no cost to foster a dog. All the cost will be covered by Eight Paws Dog Rescue. However, we don't provide a dog bed, toys or treats.

Most of our dogs are sensitive with noise, and shy having difficulty of socializing with other dogs and other human. They get better and better the more their self esteem grows and also they realize that they are in the safe place. But it takes time for sure.

Many dogs need to learn walking manner and also need potty training. They might learn it but we found out whenever they change new home, they have to relearn it. 

Dogs are often need to be retrained whenever they are moved to a new home. Dogs might have some behavioural issue since they might have some traumas.

Most of cases, we check behavioural issues before the dog sent to a foster family. If ​the issue is found later in the foster home, we will assist you hiring a canine behaviourist.

Dogs Comes With

  • Crate
  • Harness, Callar and Leash
  • Dog food

Dogs Need Some Help

  • Sensitiveness with Noise
  • Potty Training
  • Nipping or Mouthing
  • Walking Manner
  • Shyness

Dogs Need Special Help

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Dog aggression
  • Fear of Strangers 
  • Food Aggression
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