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About Eight Paws Dog Rescue

Eight Paws Dog Rescue is a registered Canadian Nonprofit organization that rescues dogs from South Korea and finds them forever homes in Canada. In South Korea, thousands of dogs struggle to survive in overcrowded shelters, and there is very little hope for adoption. But in Canada, these dogs can have an amazing life and a loving family. Eight Paws and its volunteers find, verify, coordinate, and assist the many humans necessary to save each dog–from shelter staff in Korea to Canadian adopters. The effort is great, but the reward is greater because dogs bring love and joy into our lives.

Our Team

Our Partner Rescue


Beagle Rescue Network

Beagle Rescue Network is based in South Korea. Their mission is to prevent animal abuse and ensure that animals are treated humanely. They originally started by rescuing Beagles after being used in laboratory experiments. Then they expanded their efforts. For example, in 2018 they rescued over 1,000 dogs from an animal hoarder. Their ongoing work includes:

  • Rescuing dogs (all breeds) after being used in laboratory experiments or work duty

  • Rescuing abused dogs, cats, sheeps, and other animals

  • Helping other rescuers catch stray dogs on the street

  • Investigating city pounds to ensure they’re well-maintained and humane; if not, Beagle Rescue Network raises public awareness and tries to fix the city pound

  • Investigating companies and groups that work with animals to ensure they are treated humanely; if Beagle Rescue Network raises public awareness and tries to fix the issues

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