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2023 Bookkeeping Records from Jan to June

  • Bookkeeping Records
  • Summery

*Personal Fund spend and Raimbursed

*Paid by corporation bank account

*Donation and Refund records

Eight Paws Dog Rescue established in 2022, and our first dog adoption happened in July in 2022. 

We started to share our bookkeeping record Feb, 2023. We have all the receipts before Feb but we didn't use shared spredsheet that time. 


Member Donation: Donation from board members including their family members

General Donation: Donation from public

Adoption Donation: Adoption fee 

  • Bank transactions

Download PDF • 135KB

Download PDF • 124KB

Download PDF • 122KB

Download PDF • 124KB

Download PDF • 126KB

  • Examples of receipts

We have all receipts for our expenses. These are just examples.

20230308 Porter receipt for Panda
Download PDF • 200KB

20230606 Vaccination for Yomi
Download PDF • 267KB

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