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✨✨ Cappu ✨✨

Beagle Jindo Boxer Mix | Male | 5 years | 22 lbs | Brown & White | Neutered | Vaccinated |
Adoption Fee:   $
Total Fee After Tax:   $

*1: Challenging , 5: Great!

Good with male adults: 💖💖💖💖💖

Good with female adults: 💖💖💖💖💖 (1~5)

Good with kids: 💖💖💖 (1~5)

Good with other dogs: 💖💖💖💖 (1~5)

Good with cats?  💖💖💖(indifferent) (1~5)

Character:  brave but cautious, mellow

Vaccination up to date

Diet info: Open Farm (chicken and turkey), natural dried beef liver etc

Rescue Story

Cappu was found with 1,600 other dogs, being kept by an animal hoarder in South Korea. Our partner, Beagle Rescue Network, saved him along with all the other dogs (and had the animal hoarder shutdown).

About Him/Her

Cappu is named after the comforting cappuccino beverage because he is the kind of sweet companion that follows you everywhere you go. He's more than just an adorable face with a beautiful brown coat and frothy cream accents; Cappu is a calm and easygoing dog who loves to relax in his cozy bed, human’s bed or couch all day or preferably be snuggled up next to his owner. However, when it's time for a walk, you'll witness his transformation. Cappu's face lights up with a big smile as soon as he steps outside. Capu’s excitement to get out for a walk is contagious, he is the perfect companion to motivate you to get some fresh air!

Inside the house, Cappu finds joy in his snuffle mat, proving that he's not just about beauty but brains too. He's a brave and courageous pup but still remains cautious and protective over those he loves. When confronted with loud noises or strangers, he takes a moment to ensure everything is safe before proceeding slowly.

Cappu is a smart boy who's eager to learn. He quickly picks up on new tricks and commands. With a little patience and a treat or two, he'll happily perform a high five or wait patiently for your command. And the best part? Cappu is a quiet dog; he doesn't bark at all, making him the perfect addition to a peaceful home.

Cappu is not only a well-behaved pup but also a well-mannered walker. He walks with grace and charm, making your strolls together enjoyable. He's fully potty trained and motivated by food/treats, so training this handsome little guy is a breeze.

If you're looking for a delightful, easygoing, and loyal furry friend, Cappu is the one for you. Don't miss your chance to adopt this beautiful cappuccino-colored companion who's ready to share a lifetime of smiles and happiness with you. Come meet Cappu and let the aroma of joy fill your life with every step you take together. Adopt Cappu today!

How to Adopt:

If you're ready to open your heart and home to this dog, please visit and fill out the adoption application. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make this sweet soul a part of your family. 

Medical Notes

🐾 Fungal dermatitis on his ears and on treatment

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