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Become a EP Foster

Do you want to be part of saving dogs? It is short term dedication but very essential to rescue dogs. We can only save dogs as many as we have foster homes. All costs are covered by Eight Paws Dog Rescue.

About Eight Paws Dog Rescue

Nonprofit Organization

We are volunteer based nonprofit organization in Canada. We are four board members and volunteers who loves and care about dogs. We rescue dogs from Korea and find adopters in Canada. Some dogs are in Canada depending on availability of foster homes and flight schedule. Other are in foster homes in Korea.

All donation and adoption fee are used for dogs for transportation, vetting, vet care, fostering and training etc prior to adoption.

Eight Paws Happy Tails

We are very grateful to all of the incredible adopter families who have chosen to provide a loving home for our dogs. By adopting, they not only provided a home for a dog in need, but they also helped us create space to give another dog a second chance at a happy life. To date, we have been able to find homes for more than 40 dogs in need. Check out our happy dog's tail Alumni below! 

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