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Jindo mix | Female | 5 years | 11 lbs | Mixed | Neutered | Vaccinated
Adoption Fee:   $
Total Fee After Tax:   $

*1: Challenging , 5: Great!

Good with male adults: 💖💖💖💖

Good with female adults: 💖💖💖💖💖 (1~5)

Good with kids: 💖💖💖💖 (1~5)

Good with other dogs: 💖💖💖💖💖 (1~5)

Good with cats?  Unknown (1~5)

Energy level:  She is calm and quiet when indoors but can be pretty active outdoors

Vaccination up to date

Diet info: Boss Dog Freeze Dried Chicken, duck, Go! Solutions Limited Turkey,

Freeze Dried (beef liver, chicken feet, etc)

Rescue Story

Mir is a 5-year-old Jindo mix who was rescued from a high kill shelter in Korea. She is a little girl with the biggest heart who loves snuggles and kisses. She will give you her whole heart as soon as she opens up to you.

About Mir

Mir gives new meaning to the word “joyful”. An appealing blend of affectionate and active, she is easygoing and gentle. She cherishes getting affection from her foster family. Mir is the sweetest, most social of dogs who captures hearts everywhere she goes. Easygoing, gentle, and calm indoors, Mir loves cuddling with her foster mom and is a big fan of endless belly rubs. She also loves playing with other dogs and running around the backyard. She is still quite unsure about how to play with toys, and not a big fan of loud noises, but she loves playing in water and also rolling on the grass. She also loves going on walks and is steadily improving her leash skills. Overall, Mir walks well on a leash and has good manners. She is a little girl who has the biggest heart. This sweet little girl is still shy around strangers and takes some time to warm up, but she is an affectionate and loving companion to her foster family who she has opened up to.

Generally, she is an easy-going girl who loves getting pets and playing with other dogs. Who’s ready to bring this beam of sunshine into your loving home?!

What’s Great About Mir

🐾 Fully house trained

🐾 Quiet, gentle, smart, and very sweet

🐾 Good with other dogs

🐾 Well-behaved overall

What Can She Improve?

Like most rescue dogs, these areas of improvement are the result of their hard life in the shelter. But with patience and training, they can improve tremendously:

🐾 Loud noises scare her

🐾 Timid around new people

Ideal Home for Mir

What Mir wants most is a loving home, preferably with a securely fenced yard, and perhaps another friendly dog and patient loving adopters. She would enjoy a relaxed and calm environment in a quiet neighborhood.

She is a very sweet girl looking for love and her forever home!

Medical Notes

🐾 Medial patellar luxation (MPL) surgery to her back legs (2021.12.07)

🐾 Well recovered and overall healthy

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